April fools day party!

I am writing this post up right now, I will be done in a minute!

4 Responses to “April fools day party!”

  1. did you know when you go and buy a portal box and go in your igloo and put it in and go on it wow look where you go! but when you go in and go back to your igloo you need to buy one again!

  2. Hey nice site. You have any mods? If so I would be happy to be one. Your problaby thinking why sign up this guy for a mod. I will tell you why. My penguin is 950 DAYS OLD! I know a lot of club penguin. So if there is mods send me an email.

    Matt james

  3. conily6 Says:

    whats a mod?

  4. conily6 Says:

    i am 610 but i am not 950

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