Hiring Authors

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted for a long time, I have been busy, anyways, I can’t do the website by myself anymore since I am getting older and and don’t have as much time on my hands, so I need some people to help out, if you would like to work here please comment saying so. Thanks guys! 




20 Responses to “Hiring Authors”

  1. I would love to help out!

  2. conily6 Says:

    me and my sister can help some times sometimes from conily6 and conily12 PS i love club penguin give me and my sister a call if we can bye!

  3. conily6 Says:

    you know by email

  4. Hey Limeboy. I’d like to help out. My email is dustinhwang@gmail.com

  5. Dear limeboy11,

    I have been one of your followers for nearly 2 years now and i would be honored to help you out. My email is in the message.

  6. Hello Limeboy,

    Limeboy i would love to work in your site i would love to help you out i would be posting really good be good i really wish i can work in http://www.clubpenguinnation.com you rock Limeboy if i work in your site add me as a buddy on club penguin Please try and answer my comment or email me.
    my site is:

    thxs man

    Waddle On


  7. Hello Limeboy,

    I Would Love to work on your site to help you out i will do great posting.
    be good, i would be a really great worker for you man, you rock
    Please try and Reply me on an email or a comment on my site
    my site is:

    Thnxs Limeboy


  8. Since it didn’t work out for me on CPN, can I help here? I get on CP everyday and I know everything thats going on.

  9. me too

  10. Matt26187 Says:

    Hello Limeboy,

    I Would Love To work in your site and help out I would do the best of club penguin cheats, I am really good at posting 100% be nice to people be really good i am an excellent worker so plz may i work on ur site you rock man Cya Around

    Waddle On


  11. kingmz123 Says:

    Hey Limeboy ,
    I would Love to Work at ur Site . i once made an Cheat site and im on cp every day i always look for new glitches ! Plz take me !
    Greetings ,

  12. Coment on my site if you take me, lime!

  13. lime its me conily6 and email me if i can

  14. Conily6 it won’t let him Email us! Stop asking!

  15. iluvchewii Says:

    i have always wanted to be an author in cp cheat site i could really help

  16. greenyuk Says:

    Hi imeboy
    I Would Love To Help You Wiht Your Site
    I Also Have My Own Site WHich I Put 3 Hours A Day Into
    But, I Would Do Even More On This Site
    I Love Your Site and Too Be Apart is a dream come true
    if you want to talk to me click on my name above for my site
    Thanks For Letting Me Comment

  17. ummm why cant it?

  18. Hey limboy11 i woud love to worf on your site my site is http://cpcheatsclubpenguincp.wordpress.com and i will do print screen on this web and my email is basketball77711@hotmail.com plz email me there i would always look for new glitches thx limeboy you rock


  19. We will be considering your application.

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