New domain, Club Penguin Nation! (CPN)

Hey guys, now you can get to this website by going to instead of , but you can still go to, it will just redirect you to ClubPenguinNation. I also got a new email for the site, it is


8 Responses to “New domain, Club Penguin Nation! (CPN)”

  1. lol

  2. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool not go on toontown

  3. conily6 Says:

    i play toontown

  4. conily6 Says:

    and why?

  5. Hey Limeboy,

    It’s me Akon Homie and I just came back from vacation about an hour ago, please go on AIM A.S.A.P (P.S. are u angry at me?)

    -Akon Homie

  6. kingmz123 Says:

    Hey Limeboy ,
    i will use new link

  7. Nice Post! You should check and I would happy to add you my Blog roll, Other Blog roll, or Ultimate links! Check it out!
    ~source~ 😉

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