Thinking of coming back. & Club Flippers

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you guys I haven’t forgotten about the site, and there is a chance I will come back to CP, but probably not, I will get someone to start posting soon, so you can still rely on this site to get all of your Club Penguin Cheats! Also, a lot of you guys have asked what I have been working on, so I guess it’s about time I can tell you, it is…… CLUB FLIPPERS! Check it out at, what is Club Flippers you ask? It is going to be like Club Penguin, but I think it’s going to be way better, all of the ideas we wanted to be in Club Penguin, we are hoping will be in Club Flippers.


I am the owner of the game (me and another guy), and my nick name/moderator name is, Blazer.


Well thats it for now!



One Response to “Thinking of coming back. & Club Flippers”

  1. conily12 Says:

    I was just on club flippers and it’s lame. Come back, lime!

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