Penguins Getting Paid!

Hey There Penguins,

Club Penguin just announced if your a Tour Guide or a PSA Agent, you will start to get paid EVERY month Starting May 1st.

penguins-getting-paid I know how cool is that, we dont know how many coins you’ll get yet, but it should be something around 100 – 200.  Aunt Arctic will be updating us with more info soon, i’ll keep you guys updated too so keep staying tuned here

In Other News: Offcourse everyone wants to meet rockhopper in club penguin but how about in real life? Well Now You Can,You’ll be able to meet Rockhopper at Walt Disney World in Florida from April 30 to May 13! Of course, Club Penguin knows a lot of people won’t be able to meet him. They’ll be posting pictures of the event which I’ll show you all so keep staying tuned for the best of club penguin cheats

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President (new author for limeboy11)


One Response to “Penguins Getting Paid!”

  1. Lil Maney Says:

    Pretty Cool Huh,
    Comment And Let US Know

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