Club Penguin Times Issue #187

Hey Matt26187 Posting :),

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin released a new newspaper today, unfortunately, it is not very informative.

party  till the 17th

Don’t forget, today is the last day that the Medieval Party will be on Club Penguin until next year. Now to the current events.

Coming to Club Penguin on May 15, 2009 is the May/June clothing catalog.

Coming to Club Penguin on May 22, 2009 is a new pin AND possibly Rockhopper will be on his way speaking of Rockhopper Lil Maney Has Not been posting in a while ill try to contact with him before Rockhopper Comes because he controls the trackers for Rockhopper not me so if his not here we cant track him but dont worry ill get him as soon as possible so he can track them for all of us and we can get the  Rockhopper backround Lil Maney tracked it last time Rockhopper Came

Click here for Lil Maney’s Club Penguin Cheats and he will track Rockhopper 100% Tracker working he helped me find Rockhopper Lil Maney’s URL for his site is

Thats All For Now

Waddle On



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