Rockhopper Strange Sighting???

Hey Matt26187 Here :) ,

Hello Penguins,

First I Went To The Telescope Then I clicked it  

Rockhopper Telescope1

Then it comes up with Rockhopper’s Migrator with weird stuff on it  But what’s the deal? What is on his ship?! Weird?

Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin Weird1

And I also got another one zoomed in to help you see it better

Rockhopper Ship Weird Zoomed in

Weird??? Looks to me Palm Trees, Plants, Christmas Decerations???

Also Dont Forget 

Click here for Lil Maney’s Club Penguin Cheats and he will track Rockhopper 100% Tracker working he helped me find Rockhopper Lil Maney’s URL for his site is

Comment And Tell Me What You Think???

Thats All For Now

Waddle On


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