Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #188 Cheats

Hey Matt26187 Posting :D ,

Hello Penguins

The newspaper has been released and there is some very exciting news, so lets begin.

Firstly, we now know for sure that Rockhopper is arriving to Club Penguin on the 22nd of May


In other news,  the Sensei is now going to make becoming a Ninja easier because you can now see your trading cards online and you will know how much you have left until your next belt.. pretty cool!


In the Secrets Revealed section we found out how to make desert pizzas for more coins.


And last but not least.. the events!


May 29 – New Sports Catalog

June 5 – New Penguin Style Catalog

22nd of May – Rockhopper’s Arrival

May 22 – New Pin

Rockhoppers Coming And So Is Lil Maney’s Rockhopper Tracker Yay! Stay Tuned For His Tracker Tomorrow (Friday 22nd May)

That’s All For Now

Waddle On


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