New Snow and Sports Catalog Awesome Club Penguin Cheats!!!

Hey Matt26187 Posting ,

Hello Penguins,

Here are the hidden items cheats in the new Club Penguin Snow and Sports Catalog.

Step 1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
Step 2. Click on “Ski Village.”
Step 3. Go into the Winter Sports Shop.
Step 4. Now click on the catalog in the lower right.

Sports Catalog may 2009

Here’s how to find the new hidden Green soccer jersey. Hey last time they hid a GREEN baseball jersey. Wierdness.

Step 5. Click to the 1st page.
Step 6. Click on the soccer ball at the top of the page.
Green Soccer13

When you Click the Soccer ball a green soccer jersey will apear

Green Soccer Jersey1

Also There is preety cool backgrounds and the life guard shirt is awesome

Backgrounds and penguin at work1

Also There is a new Club Penguin Starter

new club penguin starter1

Looks like its for the adventrue party

Comment And tell me what you think

Thats All For Now

Waddle On



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