Billyybob Annouces 101 Days of Fun

Hey Matt26187 Posting :D,

Hello Penguins,

Billybob has announced that there is 101 days fun on Club Penguin because we are near holiday so we can have fun on Club Penguin xD 😀 it is awesome

Starting this Thursday, June 4, until the middle of September, every week you’ll find a list of things to do in the Club Penguin Times! 101 Days of Fun means there will be something new to do, discover, and check off every single day! It all kicks off on Thursday, so we’ll give you more details then.

I Can’t Wait Anyway guys Rockhopper has also left Club Penguin 😦

Thats All For Now

Waddle On



2 Responses to “Billyybob Annouces 101 Days of Fun”

  1. Hi my name is Icyberri. My website is and I wanted to know if you would like to be on our blogroll. But, you will have to put Club Penguin Rally – on your blogroll too. If you would like to, put me on your blogroll then comment on saying that you have me on your blogroll then I will add you to my blogroll.

  2. mickey345678 Says:

    that stupid you ******* ***** with a sexy piece of **** on its head

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