Club Penguin Adventure Party Sneek Peek

Darthpuckie says: Hey I’m a new working on this site thanks for adding me Limeboy11. I have a blog and Youtube Channel too. (Subscribe)

Hey Guys Matt26187 Here ,

Hello Penguins,

As Billybob has Annouced the Adventure party will be coming up Starting June 12 – 16th starts the new Adventure Party! Here’s an awesome sneak peek of the new Club Penguin Party.

adventure party sneak peek

Looks Awesome

Comment and tell me what you think?

Thats All For Now

Waddle On



5 Responses to “Club Penguin Adventure Party Sneek Peek”

  1. Hey limeboy remember me its lghik. Hey limeboy if you can will start udating my site cause i may start it again. ~lghik~

  2. Hey limeboy go make the first post on my site.

  3. My email is in my comment We are buddys on cp

  4. Thankyou for letting me work on your site. I added you to my blog roll and add myself to yours if it is not okay just remove me

  5. mickey345678 Says:

    its for girlz

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