Contest on Darthpuckie’s Blog!

Update: Contest till next Friday!


Penguins I’m having a drawing and comment contest for a penguin. All you have to do is comment on this post and draw a version of the Town. You can do whatever buildings you wan’t so you can put a Surf Shop instead of a Night Club. You need to have your penguin’s name on it so I know it was you. You can e-mail me the image or comment with a link to it. Here is a example of what I’m looking for.

papercp copy

Well what do you think? Here is a video of the penguin Blueyspeep.

He use to be a member. Pretty old. Thanks to Blackace X1 donating the penguin. Please join if this dosen’t work out I will try to trade it. So start drawing.


Go to to enter!


6 Responses to “Contest on Darthpuckie’s Blog!”

  1. Kinger38070 Says:

    Hi cool post I have a siite too plz plz go to my site

  2. conily6 Says:

    is that a goldin puffle?

  3. matthardy223 Says:

    hey darth what happened to your blog i cant get in it!!


  5. mr zurkon is here

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