Club Penguin Theme (Main Stage) At The Dock Now Changes To Pink!!!

Hey Matt26187 Posting ,

Hello Penguins,

As I Told you the Theme (Main Stage) at the Dock will be pink again, First it was Rock ‘N’ Roll and Now its pink, Not Really New of News, They Did this last year I renember  

1 Pink Theme

You Can Acess This Place Located At The Dock. I Think Its Abit Too Girly Ehh They Will Keep Changing It What Do You Think The Next Theme Will Be

Comment and Let Me Know what you think?

Thats All For Now

Waddle On



5 Responses to “Club Penguin Theme (Main Stage) At The Dock Now Changes To Pink!!!”

  1. you rock thx so much for doing this for lime!!! I AM YOUR #1 FAN!

  2. lavadude Says:


  3. dude, it always changes every time you log on and off

  4. when is it going to happen next week?

  5. pink just f***ing sucks
    i’m a boy boys hate pink

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