Lil Maney Finds More Proof About A New Room Coming Soon?

Hey There Penguins,

Now remember at the Beggining of the Summer Of  Club Penguin? Yeah Club Penguin said there would be a new room? Well, its the end of the summer. And theres good evidence its coming.   When the cove and forest were released, there were two empty moniters on the screen. The same with the stage, are newest room to appear on the moniters. Around the time the party started a new moniter appeared!

New Room 1

And Remember At The Beggining Of Club Penguin’s Summer They Showed Us This:

Lil Maneys Sneek

And I Came Up With Another Theorie:

Club Penguin DOjo wierd update

Does This Mean Soon We Will Have A New Club Penguin Room To Waddle Around? I think the tallest Mountain may become Permanet! It would be coool if they put a telescope up there to! Tell us your opinion on the new room!  I think it will be released in about a week or two, or maybe its very secret and is already released? Comment And Let Me Know What You Think =]

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-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President

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