Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Ninja Hideout Under Construcition!

Hey There Penguins,

As I Logged Onto Club Penguin To Look If The Fall Fair Ended. I Saw Club Penguin Looking Like A Sahara Desert =/ Good News: Club Penguin has a super special suprise scavenger hunt for the Sensei! There is a new ninja journey coming soon and Sensei needs our help in getting his fiery items! The sky tells us that time has arrived.


Click on the fire icon in the top right by the moderator symbol to view what items you need to find for the Sensei.



The first item Is Located  at the Ski Lodge. Click on the fire.

Scavenger Hunt1

The second item Is Located at the Book Room. Click on the candle.

Scavenger Hunt2

The third item is Located at the Pet Shop. Click on the Mad Black puffle in the top left.

Scavenger Hunt4

The fourth item is Located inside the mine shack. Click on the light by the cave.

Scavenger Hunt5

The fifth item to find is Located At The Pizza Parlor. Click on the hot sauce above the oven.

Scavenger Hunt3

The sixth item to find is Located at the cove. Click on the stick by the fire.

Scavenger Hunt6

The seventh item to find is Located at the Beacon. Click on the jetpack on the right.

Scavenger Hunt7

The last item to find is at the Dojo Courtyard. Click on the light to the left.

Scavenger hUNT8

All You Have To Do Is Accept Item! To Claim The Prize


Thats All For The Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Also There’s a new room coming to Club Penguin at the Dojo Courtyard. Club Penguin posted a sneak peek yesterday, and also Club Penguin has already made some huge updates. There will be a new ninja journey at the Dojo, and construction has began already!


Now go inside the ninja hideout, and put on your cloud bracers to turn the wheel! The items will fall underground. I think some construction is going on down there.


I Will Be Sure To Update You With The Latest News For This New Room

Also: The 100% Accurate Sensei Tracker Will Be Up Soon Be Sure To Check Back!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President


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