The New Club Penguin Dojo and Volcano Almost Complete & New Club Penguin Halloween Costume Sneak Peek!

Hey There Penguins,

If you long onto Club Penguin you’ll notice that the sky is no longer orange any more.

Scavenger Gone!

The Volcano Is Only Still Smoking And The Dojo Is Almost Complete

Dojo Almost Complete!


I Really Cant Wait For This New Room At The Dojo, Will The New Room Have Something To Do With The New Mission ;-] Comment Below With Your Thoughts?

In Other News:

The Halloween Party Is Almost Coming For 2009 And Club Penguin Is Getting Ready For It =D, Costumes For The Halloween Will Be Updated This Friday On The Penguin Style Catalog Heres A Sneek Peek:

Halloween Sneek Peek

Dont You Think The Free Item Will Be This Hat?:

Maybe LOL!

Jokes ;-] But They Do Look Simmilar Anyway What Do You Think Of The Halloween Sneek Peek? I Cant Wait For The Halloween Party, One Of Club Penguin’s First Party’s Along With The Christmas Party!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

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