Club Penguin Halloween Scavenger Hunt Cheats 2009!

Hey There Penguins,

The Halloween Party Is Here! Club Penguin Decided To Do It Right After The 4th Anniversary So Then They Dont Lose Views. Anyway Theres Much To Do. Ive Got All The Cheats Right Below.

Get The New Free Item It’s called the Pumpkin Antennas. Located In The Plaza

Halloween P1

Halloween p2

Now For The Scavenger Cheats! Click The Pumkin Basket On Top:

Halloween p4

Halloween p3

1. The First Item To Find Is Located In The Lodge Attic, Click on the jack o lantern between the two couches in the back.

Halloween Scav1

2. The second candy is at the Dock. Click on the pumpkin, then click on the candy corn.

Halloween Scav2

The third candy is at the Pet Shop. Click on the candles, then click on the lollipop.

Halloween Scav3

The fourth candy is at the Cove. Click on the purple candy, then click on the purple candy.

Halloween Cheats

The fifth candy is at the Pool. Click on the pumpkin above the windows.

Halloween Cheats1

The sixth candy is at the Soccer Pitch. Click on the candy cube inside the lights.

Halloween Cheats2

The seventh candy is at the Forest. Click on the brushy bush, then click on the candy apple.

Halloween Cheats3

The eighth candy is at the Mine. Click on the area of green slime, then click on the green candy.

Halloween Cheats5

Now that you have found all of the candies, click on the claim prize button to get the Jack O’ Lantern background.

Halloween Prize

Now For The Members Only Cheats:

Go To The Mine Shack And Check Out The Haunted House. Non Members Aint Alloud. Sorry.

Haunted House

Halloween House

If You Go Upstairs In There You can pick up the free Pumpkin Head!

Members Cheats

Theres Also Another Members Only Room Located In The Mine  “Gary’s Secret Lab”. Go to the  Mine click on the light. It will act as a switch and open the Secret Lab. Go through the Wall Tunnel

Halloween Room

Here’s How The Secret Lab Looks Like. My Sneek Peek Was Right All Along

Garys Lab

You can purchase items from the Monster’s Maker catalog On The Bottom Right:

Member Catalog

Here is a video Tour of the New Club Penguin Halloween Party Scavenger Hunt Cheats 2009 . If Your Lazy And Dont Want To Read The Walkthtough LOL!.. Like Oreo ;-]:

WOAH! This Party Is My Favourite And Most Best Party For 2009! I Bet This Is Going On The History. It’s Great I Posted It So In 10 Years You Would Be Like O I Remember That LOL! Theres So Much To Do At This Party! Also Go Check Out Night Of The Living Sled At The Light House It’s Pretty Cool! Awesomeness This Party Rocks =D Club Penguin Updated The Party Really Quik Too =] As Soon As The 4th Anniversary Party Finished


-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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