Hey guys! It is me LimeBoy! Trust me, I didn’t quit, I will always be around.

It looks like we need someone to continue updating our site, are you interested? Email me at CpCheats101@Gmail.com telling me why you should work on our site and a link to your current blog/site.


  • No swearing.
  • Be friendly.
  • Update within a day of the event
  • No hacks (cptrainer, penguinstorm, etc…).
  • Be able to upload high quality screen shots.
  • Be appropriate.
  • Atleast been playing Club Penguin for a year.
  • Be cool 🙂

CYA!!! -LB


3 Responses to “Update/HELP WANTED”

  1. i would but my parents said i cant have a website till i am older sigh

  2. hi! im kiara00 and me and my friend have a company called SKCPV or Smothie Kiara ClubPenguin Videos and you can check out the site keekee00.wordpress.com to check out the site! thnx bye! oh by the way! kewl video i think i didnt see it lol i like the song though

  3. REMEMBER, NO SWEARING. For a list of bad words, click on NO SWEARING (Above link)

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