Club Penguin – Card Jitsu Water, Coming Soon!

Hey Guys,

Club Penguin realised, Card Jitsu Fire not very long ago. I’ve been working on Club Penguin and looking for alot of clues, so I think Club Penguin will realise Card Jitsu Water real soon, also I managed to get some sneek peeks.

I think the Water Fall at the Dojo Courtyard has something to do with this!

Here is a possible picture of the Card Jitsu Water Arena!

Comment on your thoughts?




19 Responses to “Club Penguin – Card Jitsu Water, Coming Soon!”

  1. good job finding those

  2. did you use paint on them? or did club penguin give it to you?

  3. That is soooo awesome! Did you edit the top one, or did they really give you a sneak-peek? I can’t wait for it to come out, it’s going to be so much fun! I’d better hurry up and get my fire suit, just in case you need it.

  4. Matt26187 Says:

    Thanks Guys, on your thoughts!

  5. tigerroxcp Says:

    It’s fake dude.

  6. those are from ninja o dark’s site arnt they?

  7. 100 % fake.These pictures are from Ninja O Dark. He made these picture. They are FAKE.

  8. tigerroxcp Says:

    Yeah, It was from Ninja O’ Dark.

  9. No, I found them on images on the internet, also I sent to Club Penguin an email and they said it may come soon, so its not really accurate!

  10. Make it for gusses to, don’t make ita member

  11. I use Paint but I dont have a website so I dont post them. I am trying to get a website though.

  12. kool lets go cant weight

  13. i fining fire one but

  14. when is card jitsu water or snow going to come out. i finished card jitsu fire but i don’t know where to go now and how do you go to card jitsu water or snow.

  15. hi how can i see the pictures there just red crosses and an outline its so annoying can you show im in a diffrent format

    (try pixzillion image converter from nch ive got it its soo usefull)

  16. Sorry. I haven’t tried Card-Jitsu Water because I am not a member and I am never allowed on my computer (Toshiba Console Microsoft Windows 2003 1024 x 768)

  17. 😦

  18. what is that websit you keep on going on about

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