Club Penguin – Cave Expedition!

Hey Guys, Matt26187 Here!

Whoa!?! Check it out, Club Penguin have realised the Cave Expedition :D , so lets get through it.

Firstly, go to the Town, click the Dig Site sign and click go there, or you can just simply go to the Mine.

Check out the Mine, its awesome, you can pick up the Miners Hat, and start jack hammering.

Also there is a new pin its an Amethyst Pin :D , get inside the cave and start jack hammering, At the cave it does get dark sometimes so all you need to do to make it light is throw a snow ball at the machine.

Here is how to get the Amethyst Pin.

1. Go to the Cave.

2. Wear a Hard Hat or use a shovel.

3. Dance to Dig.

4. Find all 4 pieces.

TIP: Try digging in different areas.

So, claim your prize and the pin will be added to your inventory :D .

Also there is a big rock on the edge of the cave, if you enter it you will be leaded into a Hidden Lake, you can purchase a Deep Diving Suit at the Hidden lake for 50 coins.

Here is a picture of the Hidden Lake.

Also at the edge of the Hidden Lake, there is a memebrs only room you can get inside and pick up a Coral Reef Background.

Comment on your thoughts?




2 Responses to “Club Penguin – Cave Expedition!”

  1. I just loved the the hidden lake! They said they will bring it back so I am not to sad.

  2. lilbabygirl11000 Says:

    hm wow cool

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