Club Penguin – Operation Black Out!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :) !

Hey Everyone!

Sorry Guys for not posting for a while, I was really busy with stuff.

Club Penguin has been taken down by Herbert he currently is causing an Operation Black Out.

The EPF Building on Fire. Also if you go the HQ it’s blown up.


The new pin is at the Boiler Room.

You will see Club Penguin is all dark due to Hebert’s new invention , and also his statues will appear around places, and also the stage was made especially for Herbert. Herbert has captured 5 famous penguins, Gary the Gadget Guy, Rookie, and 2 other penguins.


Check out the Penguin Style catalog it’s got Hebert’s face everywhere. 


Want to save Club Penguin? Click on the file on the top right corner.


Step 1, Equip your self and then complete this step.Image

Step 2, Equip your self and do this step.


And so on :)

Hopefully we can save Club Penguin, what do you think of this?



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