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Hey! Thanks for checking out my website! For Club Penguin news, info, cheats, tips, and more, head on over to the “Blog” page, Just click on the name on the sidebar, or click here.


Website news:

  1. New CLC Productions Music Video Coming Soon! (santa clauses is thumbing to town.)
  2. New Website Widget (please click on “Get And Share” for options to advertise our site by showing that banner on your website!)
  3. [clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”4938a7b69fb8db04″ pid=”4938a8011ca32b42″ width=”430″ height=”294″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

  4. We now have something called a “Twitter” you can see it at the side of our website. It’s something that I can update what I am doing, and it will show up on here!

39 Responses to “Home Page”

  1. Hey, Welcome! if you need help with anything or just want to say “Hey” or whatever, Email me at limeboy@live.com or leave a comment!

  2. whoa what did u do with the site. you still have my old site on your blog roll lol

  3. Woah! Nice Site Limeboy! I Saw You On CP! Except You Were Busy Or Something 😦 . Well, Your Site Rocks!
    ~PiplupU http://www.piplupuu.wordpress.com

  4. Limeboy on a iphone Says:


  5. wat is rockhoppers pass ill give u anything plz tell me at i_love_harry1potter@yahoo.com

  6. Hey limeboy, I love the snow on this page!

  7. Hi Limeboy! How do you add a picture on the header in Silver is the new Black theme? I have CSS Stylesheet Editor, and i really want to know! Please answer 😀

  8. Hey Nice Post! Wanna win a Rare 905 day old penguin? Well then go to (LINK REMOVED BY EDITOR) and you could win!

  9. Lol i figured out how to see the posts!

  10. chipdasportsman Says:

    Hey limeboy……………..about the snow………………..Oh never mind merry christmas.

  11. Hey, awesome site!


  12. Hello,
    I would prefer you not to advertise on my site. If you weren’t Brown’s friend, I would mark it as spam. Anyway, well, spamming isn’t the best way to get hits… well, bye!

  13. hello LIMEBOY11
    Thanks for commenting me on my site
    your site is awesome
    how was my site tell me by commenting me on my site
    and tell me also that
    what are your blogroll requirments
    i want to see if you can add me to your blogroll
    so thanx my site is http://www.anish002.wordpress.com

  14. can i work on this blogroll just any blogroll

  15. plzz can i work on this site i have very good ideas right now and i will tell anyone who works with me them

  16. yo yo yo limeboy,thx for adding me remember?
    well thx.
    merry christmas!
    ~Luke dad~

  17. Hey I just made cool pin widget and I was wondering if you could add it to your sidebar?

    Go here to see what the widget looks like:

    thanks for your time

    ~ Ojoc

  18. Test comment Says:


  19. Hey, cool website!

  20. COOL@

  21. bricky898 Says:

    hey limeboy you know are video We Got Rockhopper’s Password!!! We Think it is comeing up to be the first year on youtube you should have a party on your site

    from someone you might know bricky898

  22. Hey lime you know are vid We Got Rockhopper’s Password!!! We Think
    it is sooooo close for it to be a year old on youtube so you think you could have a party for it on your site

    from bricky898

  23. hey lime when i leave a commeny on your site it does noy show up
    from bricky898

  24. limeboy-fan Says:

    nice site

  25. Hey lime! dis site is so cooL!

  26. Cool!

  27. cool

  28. COOL!

  29. Brendan Says:

    love the website
    i know sportboys real name but i wont tell anybody
    sportboy, i hope you know who this is

  30. Hey 🙂 Remember me, from sportboy’s b-day party? I was just at his house in river falls a few weeks ago, we went to the Mall Of America, and got all day passes to nick universe (the amusement park)

  31. sportboy5748 Says:

    hi brendan charlie do you still play webkinz or clubpenguin?and i am sorry i never was able to say good bye so good bye and if you have an e-mail address please e-mail me back at sportboy5748@gmail.com


  33. YOUR COOL!

  34. ur posts are cool

  35. 🙂 thanks

  36. mickey345678 Says:

    fuck you

  37. mickey345678 Says:

    oh look its 2012
    white rabbits
    😳 lol pink cheeks

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