Club Penguin Mysteries

Hey, This page will be about all of the Club Penguin Mysteries things like

“Why did they do this”  “Could ninjas be real here’s some hints” 

“I think Club Penguin will do this in the future cause they left this hint.”

Things like that, Anyway this page will be updated a lot some check back soon for more!

#1, Could ninjas br real?? Well i dont think so well, yet…. I know CP was for sure thinking about it, They have left things like “Ninjas may be real soon.” in CP blog comments. also they left these hints:


Also on the old website you could click on the “N” in “Nightclub” then the penguin on the screen would turn into a ninja!


If you want to do this your self just click here

If a ninja is or ever real if would look something like this:

(this is an edit I made.)



11 Responses to “Club Penguin Mysteries”

  1. Hope you guys enjoied this page!

  2. Awesome! First Comment!!! 😀
    How about this?
    People say that they want Penguin Chat 3 back, but if CP does they wont get any more visitors and will all go to penguin chat cause you can be a ninja. Thats why. Lol
    Well, anyways I was looking at your hits and BOOF. You have over 30,000. 😀
    Keep on advertizing! :mrgreen: 😛

  3. kinghopper2 Says:

    Nice Nice Nice

  4. GREAT site Lime Boy–I’ll check back often!!

  5. hey dude i think you’l be hearing from me alot but anyway u should take these off and get some new ones cause no offense but WE ALL KNOW ABOUT NINJAS!!!!! anyway… bye!! 😛

  6. 😆 Ninjas aren’t a mistery anymore! I just got my green belt and I’m going all the way!

  7. Can you talk about the clock work missoin

  8. Do you mean you need help beating it? (if so i made a video guide here ) Or do you mean there is something about it that we should talk about it on this page?

    Thanks for the comment!
    ~LimeBoy11 (Site Owner)

  9. i am a ninja they exist now get rid of this page because they allready exist

  10. lavadude Says:


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