Need A Header?

Need a header for your blog/website?

Here’s My Work:

A Duckie’s =

 A Duckkie’s Club Penguin Cheats Header

Muttant444’s =

Muttant444’s Club Penguin Cheats Header

Bond & Katieskate’s =

Bond & Katieskates WordPress Blog Header


lghiks CP Cheats Header


Zombies Club Penguin World Header


Cheatgnome's Header


#1,Just tell me what you want for a background

& I will try to make it or you can give me a link to what pic you want for it.

or you can pick what you wnt for a background out of these:


& tell me what theme to make the header for so I can get it the right size.

And it will be done at most 1 month.


153 Responses to “Need A Header?”

  1. yes

  2. OK! But do you have a website?????????

  3. no limeboy11 ok?

  4. 😥

  5. beachpig Says:

    can i have a header saying “a duckie’s club penguin cheats” my site is comment back if you can do it and when you’ve finished
    A Duckie (BeachPig)

  6. Whats your email?

  7. So i can send it to you!

  8. I’ve got it thanks i might put it on later i need to keep a few spare for later

  9. muttant444 Says:

    I want one header with ninjas penguins that says: Muttant444, It’s my time now you know?

  10. OK I AM DONE!!!

  11. I want a header with a black and white lighting backround with my penguin wearing the blue viking helmet and a green sweatshirt with the silver surfboard.I want lightning effects just chocking then showing the words Club Penguin Cheats and Glitches.
    If you make this quick i will add you to my blogroll.My site

  12. smartie495 Says:

    hi my website is , im new and need a header that says Smartie’s Super Site i could also use some tips if you come to my site cause i’m mixed up. and could it be bordered with purple pufles? plz, i dont know if u can do that, thanks

  13. pastulio Says:
    i want a pic of me or y top body or something

    (heres one plz take out the player card and mabey botton of body if nessesary – )

    i also want rockhopper and ninjas (if possible)

    make it say Pastulio’s CP blog

    tell me if anything i said is not possible

  14. pastulio Says:

    k i tried to make one but it says ‘it doent meet securuty standerds’

    heres the link- plz help limeboy! (unless ur working on the first one)

  15. pastulio Says:

    nvm i fixed it

  16. When are you ganna get done with mine???

  17. ok limeboy i need help making a banner my website is- i want a pic on the left side and the right side and in the middle the text will say welcome to shasto’s wordpress. plz help limeboy11 plz!

  18. i ment a pic of me on the left side and right and text in the middle

  19. i want one my site is
    i want to ninjas saying the best cp cheats and one saying your right and in the middle i want it to say pelkiun’s cp cheats and a dojo in the backround bit if u cant do that then a silver backround

  20. pastulio Says:

    its been way more than 2 days…..

  21. And I need your email.

  22. mine has been like 1 or 2 weeks!!! im starting to get mad 😈

  23. I am done with yours
    ( and sorry i was out of town )

  24. And I am Done!

  25. I will email it to you.

  26. ok thanks so much 😆

  27. Here is my e-mail **********************
    OK! Thanks!

  28. Also its the wrong size. I had to change themes so i can have a header

  29. Yes i would like a header plz. Can you make 2 ninjas on the side saying “Palkia’s Offical Site!” and make it say Palkia678’s Offical Site!
    Thank you my site is….

  30. pelkiun Says:

    oh my email is

  31. zombie222 Says:

    can it be 750X140 pixels wide and say zombie222s club penguin world with a penguin with red colour, pirate bandana, western bandana, swirly glasses, a pirate red and black shirt and a halloween basket. hope im not being too exact!!! my websites thanx!!

  32. I am done! i emailed it to you!

  33. And smartie i will email yours!

  34. cheatgnome Says:

    can i have one that is 780×95 pixels wide and say cheatgnome with a penguin that is red a bandana sunglasses and other cool stuff my email is

  35. can you make me one like zomie 222s exept make it say cheatgnome make it 780 x 95 pixels and change the glasses to sunglasses and change it aa little if you can my email is
    780 x 95 pixels

  36. cheatgnome Says:

    when will mine be done

  37. most likely Today.

  38. ok cool i will come back on today at 5:30 and see if it is done

  39. if its not done ill come on at 8:00 pm today

  40. and thank you for making me this

  41. is it done

  42. Please make me a header like yours that moves wearing a lime green colour the club penguin band hoodie and the yellow sun wig, and finally the HQ SUNGLASSES not google, you can go onto my website and go you Authors for a piture

  43. please finish mine

  44. ok here:

    i will email it to you too!

  45. dude i love that header thanks!!! you rock!!!!!

  46. Thanks!
    And i am soo sorry that it took soo long.

  47. its ok its awesome and totaly worth the wait. how do you make those?

  48. Well… The frist few headers I made, I used “SnagIt8,”
    & and the last few headers I have been making,
    I have used “Corel Paint Shop Pro PhotoX2
    Hope this helps you!

  49. bluedolfin78 Says:

    i like those headers even lghiks header he is my friend. also i have a header.

  50. cheatgnome Says:

    dude can you use the same header you already made for me but make it 730×140 pixels?

  51. cheatgnome Says:

    never mind dude. and sorry if you are working on it i fixed it myself

  52. hi, my blog is : ,

    pls make a header for me,

    i want my picture to appear there in the left, then the title of my blog is club penguin cheat site , then i want it to have dancing lights! pls make it for me, you could also make some changes if you think it will make my header look cooler!

    thanks a lot!

    p.s. i’m also trying to win in your contest, pls update daily, thanks!

  53. Can i have like a NINJA backround that says
    Clubpenguin Cheats Secrets N More

  54. Can I please have a header that has a ninja w/ beta hat on both sides saying “Empororwet39’s Club Penguin Cheats”

    URL is

  55. suprememario Says:

    can I have one

  56. Can I have…….. The Muttants one and I want to have a body of a black penguin with that blond to the side hair and that black jacket the red guitar and those brown furry shoes plz Im begging LOL oh and my web is

  57. my e-mail add is

    hi, my blog is : ,

    pls make a header for me,

    i want my picture to appear there in the left, then the title of my blog is club penguin cheat site , then i want it to have dancing lights! pls make it for me, you could also make some changes if you think it will make my header look cooler!

    thanks a lot!

  58. waddlewad1 Says:

    Hey limeboy, I need a header that has an orange penguin with the blue sunglasses, the astro barrior T-shirt, the sun striker wig, and the blue shoes! On the rite of the penguin I want it to say The official website for Waddle Vision! Hope u can do it! thnx,
    my site is thnx!

  59. waddlewad1 Says:

    dude its waddle, u there?

  60. ariel2260 Says:

    Can I get a header that has two black penguins one wearing the green sunglasses, western bandana,pirate bandana, and the red and black sailor shirt and the other penguin is wearing swirly glasses, western bandana, puffle bandana,and the red and black sailor shirt and the words say Ariel2260’s And Blakoutoreoz Weblog and my site is

    P.S. Thanks!

  61. Could you make me one just like yours but with my penguin?
    Once you get it done just put it as my header on my site.


  62. Ji
    can i have one wit just a cool design and says CLUB PENGUIN CHEATS! By Ting Tong09


  63. millgate1 Says:

    when you get bakc to making the banners,summer type backround,with one penguin on the left and anothere on the right and there both wearing summer clothes,and it say “millgate1s cp site!”

  64. conily6 Says:

    yes know i do

  65. make a header for me im fish fariy from club penguin im n deep freeze make one that has me on it thanx

  66. this guy makes then way betr at

  67. come to LINK REMOVED MY EDITOR you will be amazed at what we do

  68. Hey could plz make me one that days Club Penguin Cheats By Ting Tong09 with a summer theme and all the different colours of puffles? plz plz? my site is (by the way ur site rocks EVERYONES SOCKS!)
    Bye and thanks!

  69. I emailed it to you!

  70. waddlewad1 Says:

    Hey limeboy? could you make me a header with an orange penguin with blue sunglasses, the astro barrior T-shirt, the sun striker wig, and the blue shoes? I want himstanding on the left and saying “Waddle’s cp cheats!” My email is and my site is Thnx for the help!

  71. waddlewad1 Says:

    oh yea, could you make mine 780×95 pixels wide?

  72. k i am done i will email it to you!!!

  73. Hey limeboy, u emailed me there, my email is sorry.
    I commented above as ting tong09.


  74. waddlewad1 Says:

    THNX SO MUCH! P.S. Your site rox!

  75. mimo12300 Says:

    Hey Lime boy
    can i have a header saying Tooly228,Mimo12300 And Oreo8000 Cheats for CP
    my site is
    Plz Comment on my site when ur finished


  76. gummybear322 Says:

    i want the header with the beat ghosts. But can the text say: Meesa322 and Avery619 Offical cp blog.


  77. Hey people! i am tooly228 buddy and mimo12300 buddy in cp! how amazing is that?

  78. ariel2260 Says:

    Oh my email is

  79. hi lime boy i neew a header same size as yours can you make a penguin in the middle with a hat that snowdobby and cabluey always ware the hat with the pink stripe and a pancho on the one with green and red shades orange and a parrot pink guitar cowboy boots. on right a penguin with green shades light orange hard hat maracas blue lewhow neck less and green flowtie duck and pilrim boots on left a penguin with same hat as middle penguin blue gaamer guy play mask red guitar grass skirt ice skates and text in middle sayin diesel28 skamper36 and ninja boy1’s clubpenguin help and backroung moving flames and site is

  80. sorry penguin on left green cape

  81. joshuadolan Says:

    i need a header i whant my name joshuadolan in middle with ninjas at the side and rockhopper saying you rule joshuadolan if you can do that for me ill spread that you are the best penguin in the worls

  82. joshuadolan Says:

    i still havent had a comment on my site guess you dont whant to do my banner could you try atleast plz coz im realy sad untill then ill just wait

  83. I will make one for u & come to your website if you tell me what it is.

  84. yo i want the mutant444 header

  85. um,i changed my mind

  86. i want two penguins in ninja costume at the side and theres a message in the middle saying”Pulinski” and the back ground is the dojo and the color of the message is blue, ok?

  87. ummm, is it a Club penguin website???

  88. nichols200 Says:

    Can you make one for

  89. nichols200 Says:

    i want a nija costume and one with you in it. You rock limeboy11!

  90. hiya, thats a good idea.
    i want a header like “cheatgnome” or “ighik”.
    my name is “Palm N C0c0”. background : a wall of dojo.
    heres the pic : (on the left)
    and this pic : (on the right)
    I want the same colour and form of text as Zombie222.
    text on the middle (center) : *~Palm N C0c0~*
    ¤~ contests and more ~¤

    heres my email : thx u rules !

  91. Hey limeboy, my blog is . You can use the picture of me on the “About Chipper1095” Page. I want the same thing as Lghik, the lightning. I want it to say “Club Penguin Updates by Chipper1095”

    My email is:

    Thnx so much!

  92. hey its palm n c0c0.*
    i forgot something : can u take the penguin band background or just a pic of them on the header’s background ? if u cant, delete this comment. thx !

  93. hey its Chipper. heres the link for that picture i meant in my comment above.
    Thats the picture i want for my header in my comment above! hope i get it soon!

  94. 15angel7 Says:

    What to say: 15angel7 Club Penguin Cheats ~ Updated Daily
    Link to my penguin:

    I hope it will be done soon

  95. hi could u make me one saying Moon Boon 3’s Club Penguin Cheats with a green penguin at one side with a black hoodie on and a black puffle if you could,it would be awesome!

  96. y2jdmkgaza Says:

    It would be best to just give the website. Wouldn’t that be easier?

  97. moonboon3 Says:

    hi could you make one saying Moon Boon 3’s Club Penguin with a penguin in a blue jacket, the spikester hair, green, black sunglasses and orange shoes plz? thnx very much

  98. moonboon3 Says:

    sorry i was wrong i meant club penguin cheats

  99. moonboon3 Says:

    hi could you actually make it the same as i said and my website is

  100. moonboon3 Says:

    i want a header plz with two pictures of my penguin (i think you know what it looks like) and in the middle make it saying Moon Boon 3’s Club Penguin Cheats and I would like a black backround plz i hope you can make it thanks!

  101. please make it quick and ill add you to my blogroll thanks

  102. dude , i waited NEARLY 3 MONTHS AND PLZ IS MY HEADER FINISHED ??? answer me at my site :

    THX ¤~! ! !~¤

  103. sorry about that i will get it done today, i have been really busy latey

  104. could you try and make mine as well

  105. Can you make mines too.This is my website
    Make it really cool please.Thank you

    Iceee Cubeee

  106. Make it say Iceee Cubeee’s Insane Blog

  107. sydney511 Says:

    hiya i want a header.

    Pixels:400×16 (size for blix theme)

    Backround:The CP army backroun


    Website: (its the site i want the header to go on)


  108. chipdasportsman Says:

    Hey limeboy, I really need a header! I have a sports themed site so could you do that? but the thing is I don’t know how to put a header on my site? could you help with that? try to comment back
    ~chipdasportsman~ 😦

  109. clubpenguin cheats and secrets by nailer125 Says:

    hey limeboy i would love a header saying club penguin cheats and secrets by nailer125

    thank you

    my site is:


  110. clubpenguin852 Says:

    Game 2002 (05:19:14) :

    I want a banner with my penguin on it has a red and black striped T-shirt a red and a white flying hat with brown boots wit a stuffed parrot and frienship bracelet

    oh ya and mypenguin colour is red thanks
    Game 2002 (05:24:25) :

    and with a backround with rockhopper and a red and blue puffle beside the penguin
    also write Clubpenguin852 above the penguin

  111. clubpenguin852 Says:

    and make the size 780 x 95


  112. I Want One Like Dark Crow200 1004×62 Thanks!

    I Want it to say “Club Penguin Power Cheats”

  113. Yeah me too. Can I have one like Dark Crow’s? But I want it to say ” Aussie229’s Clubpenguin Cheats.”

    Thanks! Just comment back at


  114. This is a busy page…. 😆

  115. no problem,
    can u send me my header to ?

  116. um i feel dumb asking but, whats a header?? im just wonering.

  117. limegirl11 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! u blocked my comment gosh! i never wanna speak to u again!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Why would you put your name on the header if i put that on my web its illegal!!

  119. Background : beta tester
    text : hilsong1 club penguin cheats secrets and gliches
    text2 : Club Penguin Bulgaria
    size : like cheatgnome
    send it to : : or to :

  120. Hello!
    May I have a header with a beta tester on both sides with “1847e’s Club Penguin News!” in the middle? The “1847e’s Club Penguin News!” part should be silver. The size should be the size of Cheatgnome’s header. Thanks!

  121. can I have a header with two ninjas on the side and in the middle there are words saying Club Penguin Cheat Island?

  122. Cool headers. I think I can make my own but I might need your help! 😉 Ahem. yawn. Err. Nice headers!

  123. Hey, If you want, I can give you a wayyyyy better header program if u want!
    Comment on

  124. cool

  125. cool!

  126. leeds4life Says:

    Could You make me a header. I would Like a header with a leeds united theme. They are my favourite Football(soccer if your american). If you type it in to google or summit, you will find it and see what the badge looks like. I would Like it to say LEEDS4LIFE and underneath it I would like it to say SUPER LEEDS UNTIED in smaller writing. The Leeds colours are yellow, blue and white.


  128. Hi, could you make a banner with a blue penguin on each side of the banner, wearing the crosshatch hoddie, the blue sneakers, skinny blue tie, blue sunglasses, and the black cowboy hat holding the red electric guitar and the background of sunset background as the background saying of the banner, and both pengiuns saying “Saeety3421 Rocks”? Thanks! E-mail me it at ! Thanks sooooooo much!!!

    Comment at my site When it’s done at ! Thanks again!


  129. I will be getting to all of the requests soon, I am on overload!!!

  130. whats a header?

  131. I’d like one please!

  132. I need a header,It should be written there,Club Penguin Helpers,with all famous penguins on it,My site url:www.clubpenguinhelpers[or helper]

  133. mickey345678 Says:

    😆 👿 😡

  134. {[Limeboy11]} Says:


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