15 Responses to “Easy”

  1. Chipper1095 Says:

    Picture 1. near bottom left corner
    Picture 2. behind fireplace in bottom right corner

  2. … found him
    … found him

  3. Blackpen 94 Says:

    I Found You 😀
    ~Your Buddy Blackpen 94~

  4. me too!

  5. harder ones coming soon, check back again sometime this week!!!

  6. Pikachu1243 Says:

    found you but the comment about where you were ruined it…

  7. found him!!!!!!!!!

  8. this sucks

  9. lol

  10. found him in both of them

  11. Mickey345678 Says:

    Gimme more u shit
    And you bitch
    I want pizza bitch
    Ahh fuck you all here
    Fuck you
    When will I ever get banned 🙂
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuk…
    AHH!! I got banned 😡

  12. Mickey345678 Says:

    Conily6 your avatar Is funny

  13. Mickey345678 Says:

    😳 lol pink cheeks!!!

  14. Mickey345678 Says:


  15. Mickey345678 Says:

    Fuck u craps and shits
    Yay those are good words not bad words

    Do not say:
    Racial Terms
    Talking about drugs (cigarettes, smoking)
    Sex (sexy)
    Alcohol (alcoholic, beer)
    On cp it rocks out spongebob

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