Game Secrets

HOW TO MAKE CANDY PIZZAS- all you need to do is click on the bigest red lever!

it is the one that is circled in this pic:

Click Here To Make Candy Pizzas

Here’s a tip for how to get the Mullet:


CATCH THE MULLET IN FISHING-when you see the mullet in the background keep an extra fish on the line,

then when it comes up use that for bait!


Click on:

1.For level 10

2.For level 20

3.For level 30

Also once you pass the 10th level wait for 30 secs & a blue ship will come up,

if you shoot the ship you will get to secret levels!


I will get more soon!

Also if you find a glitch or a secret please email us about it @  

Remember get your Club penguin cheats & secrets here!



36 Responses to “Game Secrets”

  1. terryking24 Says:


  2. Your welcome!

  3. Cool! How’d you find those cheats?
    Did you try them out?

  4. Hi. Um im —-s friend. Ashley. this isnt about Club Penguin. But how come i cant do a new post?

    I emailed you how!!!

    Edited by Limeboy11

  5. that astrobarrier cheay is usefull i tried it

  6. hey here is another cheat i do not know for sure if it works but i was told it does. if 100 penquins dance on the tip of the iceberg it tips and everyone gets
    10,000 coins. does anybody know if that is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t think so!

  8. i know a cheat for astro barrior. on level 10 or 11 i do not know wich one it is
    but on one of them, wait for 20 secondes and a blue ship will apear. shoot it
    and you will get to the secret levels!!!!!!

  9. cheeky1195 Says:

    candy pizzas! neat! and thanks 4 the cheats coz iv always wanted to kno how to catch a mullet!

  10. I rock at CP cheats. If u need any help findin anything like the mullet or moosehead or pin, just email me.

  11. How to get to level 10,20,or 30 instantly in Astro Barrier:
    1. Walk up to the machine.
    2. Click start
    3. While it’s loading press 1 for level 10, 2 for level 20, and 3 for level 30
    I know what you’re thinking now,It’ll workfor levels 40,50 and 60. You’re wrong.
    Hope I helped you with this cheat.
    ~Bermuda Sun

  12. Thanks For The Tip!

  13. the cheat is down in there theres lots of fish and it so hard

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  15. whats your password i wont bad it

  16. Kjdpenguin Says:

    if u get no coins in the jet pack game u get 100 coins. i swear its true!

  17. Kjdpenguin Says:

    i ment 1000 coins

  18. Are you sure the stupid jetpack thingy is gonna work it better

  19. nice limeboy!
    will u add me as an author?


  20. are there more club penguin secret becuase i already knew these and if there are could you tell me and also could you make the new club penguin nintendo ds game into a playstation 2 please send me back

  21. Thanks for good post

  22. I don’t know some moments of this post..


  24. WOW!

  25. YOUR SITE IS 100 OUT OF 10!

  26. Hey lime you know are vid We Got Rockhopper’s Password!!! We Think
    it is sooooo close for it to be a year old on youtube so you think you could have a party for it on your site

    from bricky898

  27. You ROCK!

  28. Amazing post!

  29. cool

  30. Yo everyone!
    I’m new to
    Hope I can be a regular here!

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