Agent Missions!

Heres a video for misstion#7-By Me!

(if you use this video for your website/blog you have to give me credit)

 Heres a video for mission#6

Heres a video for mission#5


Heres a video for mission#4


Heres a video for mission#3

Mission #2

Here’s a video!. Scroll down for instructions!!!      

 P.S- From now on we are just going to do videos.


#1 Click on (I am here for my mission.) The Answer to the riddle is “mogul”


#2—#3 Put the sled in your inventory and go to the ski mountain and click on the sled and bring it to the test run by clicking by the sign


#4 Click on the rope after you crash. and put in in your  inventory


#5 Go right and pick up the survival guide.


#6 And then go forward and get three berrys off the bush. (put them all in one slot)


#7 And go forward  and click on the puffles


#8 Give one berry to the black puffle

Watch the video for the rest!!!.  from now on i think I am just going to do videos!!



#1 Go to the pet shop. and go all the way to the left and you will see a note decode it (it is not the same every time)


#2 Go back to the sport shop and tell G the number (in step one)


#3 take the life presrver and put it in your  inventory


#4 Go to the ice rink and get the photos of the puffles


#5 Go to the iceberg and click on the life preserver and click on the edge of the ice balk tell all the penguins are safe(it can be kind of tricky with the wind)


#6 click on the green penguin


#7 Go back to the sports shop and get the rope


#8 Go to the mountain and click on the penguin.  Get your spy phone, and click on tools, and get the wrench to fix the telescope. Ask the penguin to look through the telescope.


#9 Scroll to the top of the mountain and use the rope to get there.


 #10 Bring the Puffles back to the Antarctic.



 ps – don’t forget the rewards 😉


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