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New Furniture Catalog & Rockhopper + Party News….

Posted in club penguin cheats with tags , , , , , on October 17, 2008 by {[(Limeboy11)]}

Hey guys, Sorry I didn’t update right away when all of this came out I forgot all about it.

Anyway lets get started…

#1 Rockhopper is here, Here is the stuff he brought:

(click on it to see it bigger 😀 )

If you need help finding Rockhopper go to my Rockhopper finding page HERE, also here is a Tracker I made

(sometimes it is updated right away or sometimes it takes a while to find him)

Also to help me with this please comment on the “Rockhopper finding page” of what server he is on and what time u saw him, thanks!

#2, Here are all of the furniture catalog cheats:

Click here for the chalk borad:

Click here 2 times for the stainless steal firdge:

And click here for the music stand:

Also click HERE for some info on Club Penguin’s upcoming party!

Also here is a pic of a penguin waring what i think is going to be the new party hat:

Well cya later!