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Halloween Party Cheats!

Posted in club penguin cheats with tags , , , on October 28, 2008 by {[(Limeboy11)]}

Hey guys0, Limeboy here, the halloween party is here (mid night my time, yawn…) anyway, here is the locations of all of the hidden candys, (at the end u will get a background) anyway lets start.

#1 At the snow forts, click on the blue flag.

#2 At the iceberg.

#3 At the plaza, click the pot. 

#4 At the ski lodge lounge click the blue brief case.

#5 At the beacon, wait about 20 seconds.

#6 In the bookroom, rollover curser on top of book.

#7 At the cove click the “CAUTION SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!” sign.

#8 In the the dance club attic click on the lamp.

Also if your having a hard time with this you may wanna watch this video i made:

There is also a members-only area, like most partys. in there is also a free item! to get in there all you have to do is go to the book room and click here:

and go down the stairs.

this is what it looks like once you get inside:

(click to make bigger!)

And as i said before, there is a free item in there:

And also at the Snow Forts there is a free item.

Well i think that’s it, it is 3:00 AM in the morning now, well CYA!