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Penguin games & new music video!

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Hey guys! The penguin games are here!!!

There are three events #1, The Marathon #2 Freestyle Swim #3 Three lap race.

#1, The marathon, you have to start at the ski village and go to the cove and try to light up all of the lights by stopping at each one, a lot of ppl think some of the sensors are broken but they’re not, its just kindda hard.

#2, The free style swim, all you have to do is start at where is says: “Start here” and go back and forth 2 and a half times to the other side of the pool until you’re done, then wait a momment, and something will pop up.

#3, The three lap race, now this is almost the same thing as the marathon, just shorter.

Once you have passed all of these you can claim a medal.

There is also a new room for members:

(you can get to it from the snow forts.) 

Also you can find red face paints at the coffee shop:

And you can get blue face paints at the pizza parlor:

Oh and I made a new music video!

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That’s it for now! Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!