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How To Talk With The Newspaper GLITCH!

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Hey guys, I found out about this cheat a while ago (I had no help from any other sites) anyway, I thought I would share this glitch with you, it is very simple, here is a video how to do it:

(coming soon)

And here is institutions in words:

  • Log into any server like you normaly would.
  • Open up the newspaper.
  • Go to the place where you can submit stuff into the newspaper (page D2.)
  • Click on “QUESTION” and type “Limeboy rocks” (or anything) then exit it out (do not submit it.)
  • Now Click “TAB” on your keyborad until it goes down to the chat bar, and now type something.
  • And it will show! (you may want to stand at the corner of the room so you can see yourself, and yes everyone else can see you!) 

If you want to put this on your blog, please give me credit, thanks!

Limeboy OUT!

(ps. I am working on a new css for Cristmas!)


A Few Small Updates…

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Update: please vote for me to be president of the server forjd here, thanks, look at this pic of pieman who is also running:

Do you really want him???

Do you really want him? i dont think you do, also he is starting to lie a lot about me. watch my campain video here.

Also come to my campain website HERE. Make the right choice, Vote LimeBoy!

Hey guys, there is a few small updates.

the dojo is done being dug out, you can get a free item here:

(dojo courtyard)

And go into the dojo and, wait awhile, then curtens will open up, and there will be a gong, for about 10 seconds you can hit the gong with snowballs, and make sounds.

Thats about it, cya!

Penguin Drawers We Will Rock You, Part Of CLC Productions

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It’s here!

Watch a Club Penguin Music Video in a whole new way!

Watch here:

And remember double click and rate, comment, favorite, and subcribe.


What’s Up With The Dojo? And New Map? And Is This Guy A Real Ninja?

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Here is the invite:

Can’t read what it says for some reason?

Here is all of the info you need to know in words:

When? November 8th 10:00 AM PST

Where at? Sleet-Dock (we will be moving around)

Why? We almost have 50,000 Hits!

Hope you can come!

Hey guys, The halloween parta just ended minutes ago, but CP also came out with some stuff that no one knew about, like first they updated the map:

I think it’s ok.

Also the dojo changed a lot!


There is also a free item in it!

And there is a new room sorta! when your at the dojo click the “Go Outside” botton and it goes to a never seen before room! also who is this guy?

And if you click on him his player card is just ??????, weird eh? also they color he’s wearing is gray!

Well thats it for now!

Halloween Party Cheats!

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Hey guys0, Limeboy here, the halloween party is here (mid night my time, yawn…) anyway, here is the locations of all of the hidden candys, (at the end u will get a background) anyway lets start.

#1 At the snow forts, click on the blue flag.

#2 At the iceberg.

#3 At the plaza, click the pot. 

#4 At the ski lodge lounge click the blue brief case.

#5 At the beacon, wait about 20 seconds.

#6 In the bookroom, rollover curser on top of book.

#7 At the cove click the “CAUTION SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!” sign.

#8 In the the dance club attic click on the lamp.

Also if your having a hard time with this you may wanna watch this video i made:

There is also a members-only area, like most partys. in there is also a free item! to get in there all you have to do is go to the book room and click here:

and go down the stairs.

this is what it looks like once you get inside:

(click to make bigger!)

And as i said before, there is a free item in there:

And also at the Snow Forts there is a free item.

Well i think that’s it, it is 3:00 AM in the morning now, well CYA!

Hollowen Party & Club Penguin’s New Main .SWF

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hey guys i just wanted to say 2 really quick things, first i just wanted to remind you to find the hollowen party cheats here, and that i will be staying up to 12:00 AM (when it comes out my time) and i am almost always the very frist updated for partys 😀 Second, I have found the new Club Penguin .SWF, yup that’s right, i know half of you don’t care, but the ohter half has been dieing for it, lolz, well here it is, some parts dont work, but only a few, well…


~Lime out!

New Furniture Catalog & Rockhopper + Party News….

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Hey guys, Sorry I didn’t update right away when all of this came out I forgot all about it.

Anyway lets get started…

#1 Rockhopper is here, Here is the stuff he brought:

(click on it to see it bigger 😀 )

If you need help finding Rockhopper go to my Rockhopper finding page HERE, also here is a Tracker I made

(sometimes it is updated right away or sometimes it takes a while to find him)

Also to help me with this please comment on the “Rockhopper finding page” of what server he is on and what time u saw him, thanks!

#2, Here are all of the furniture catalog cheats:

Click here for the chalk borad:

Click here 2 times for the stainless steal firdge:

And click here for the music stand:

Also click HERE for some info on Club Penguin’s upcoming party!

Also here is a pic of a penguin waring what i think is going to be the new party hat:

Well cya later!

New Newspaper

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Hey guys, the new newspaper came out today, its doesn’t really say much so I am just going to post about the upcoming events…

October 17-Igloo Decorating Contest.

October 24-Club Penguin Turns 3.

October 29-Hallween Party.

October 31-New Snow & Sports Catalog.

Also please take a minute of your time to do this poll, THANKS!


New Play At The Stage & New Pin & Rockhopper Is Coming…

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Hey guys…

Lets see here, First The new play at the stage is here its called “Space Adventure Planet Y.”

There is also a new costume catalogue.

Second, the new pin is at the sports shop.

Thrid, “Rockhopper” is coming.


HQ Message?!

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Hey guys today my penguin (limeboy11) recived a message from “G” they head of the PSA, anyway this is what it looked like:

After about an houer of decoding it i found it it said this:

You are being called infor a special assignment please respond to HQ as soon as possible! -G

I think i was one of the only penguins that have got it!