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A Few Small Updates…

Posted in club penguin cheats with tags , , , , , on November 13, 2008 by {[(Limeboy11)]}

Update: please vote for me to be president of the server forjd here, thanks, look at this pic of pieman who is also running:

Do you really want him???

Do you really want him? i dont think you do, also he is starting to lie a lot about me. watch my campain video here.

Also come to my campain website HERE. Make the right choice, Vote LimeBoy!

Hey guys, there is a few small updates.

the dojo is done being dug out, you can get a free item here:

(dojo courtyard)

And go into the dojo and, wait awhile, then curtens will open up, and there will be a gong, for about 10 seconds you can hit the gong with snowballs, and make sounds.

Thats about it, cya!