What room is this?

In this game all you have to do is guess what room the picture is.

Click here to play easy.

Click here to play medium.

And if you want to play hard or get to more secret levels you have to:

Click HERE.

And guess what room this is:

-And use that as the password to get into that page.


31 Responses to “What room is this?”

  1. Hope you have fun with this, also i have copy right on it sorry 😦

  2. Chipper1095 Says:

    cove by the way i cant open up the hard page. even though it says click here, when i click it, nothing happens 😦

  3. Oh yeah i am still working on that it should be done later today.

  4. messed up cove

  5. Definitly Cove

  6. Cove LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Cheack Out My Site At http://clubpenguincpwha39.wordpress.com

  7. simple cove give us a challange

  8. mario10018 Says:

    easy its the cove

  9. 1ymapinky1 Says:

    cove and I didn’t peak! I SWEAR!!

  10. cove.

    Uh, I’ve a suggestion. Why don’t you make us send you the answers through e-mail instead, so that nobody could cheat by looking at others’ answers? Cool site btw.


  11. arr don’t mess up the club penguin places and i will ban you arr my mateys and don’t give out cheats i will ban you arrr and thats the cove arr

  12. yeah don’t give out cheats

    Lime: Yeah, your real funny… To bad your a fake……

  13. Cove

  14. ginni1946 Says:

    COVE!!! its obvious but still cool pic

  15. johncenarocks54wwe Says:

    eeeaasssssssssssssssssy cove!!

  16. COVE!!!!!!!! SOOOOO EASY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. greenbuddy45 Says:

    COVE!!!!!!!! SO EASY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cove, do we get a prize?

  19. Cove….Ultra Easy..

  20. that’s the cove. Easyest thing in the world. It took like, max, 0.1 seconds. Harder challenge please.


  21. lavadude Says:

    cove :O 🙂 😀

  22. lavadude Says:


  23. COVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. COVE

  25. Wtf with the spiral? Looks like the cove where you surf I can see water just WHAT THE FUCK

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