New Club Penguin Pin Cheat-4th Anniversary Pin!

Hey There Penguins,

There’s A New Club Penguin Pin Just Released. Its A 4th Anniversary Pin. It Also Looks Simmilar To The 3rd One. Anyway Heres How To Find The New 4th Anniversary Pin Cheat:

1. Log Onto Club Penguin.

2. Click Your Map On To Bottom Left And Click On The Town.

3. Walk Into The Night Club

4. Go Into The Speaker In The Night Club

5. Click On The 4th Anniversary Pin

4th Pin1

Once Youve Clicked On It. Here’s How It Should Look Like:

4th pin2

Click “Yes” To Recive The New 4th Anniversary Pin. Anyway What Do You Think Of The Pin? Doesnt It Look Like Last Years One Here Have A Look:


Yeah. Good Days. Anyway What Do You Think Of The 4th Anniversary Pin Cheats ;-] Looks Pretty Awesome To Me. Remember That The 4th Anniversary Starts Tomorrow On Saturday For Only One Day. As Soon As Club Penguin Updates The Party. Ill Update You With Info As Soon As It Arrives =).

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


One Response to “New Club Penguin Pin Cheat-4th Anniversary Pin!”

  1. kman112 Says:

    about the card jitso water theres also card jitso ice i think its gonna have somthin to do with the snow on the side of the big montin wer the dojo is

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