Club Penguin – New Pin, Easter, New Catalog!

HAPPY EASTER Everyone, REMEMBER Easter is when Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for us and rose on the third day.

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin has realised the Easter Scavenger Hunt, a new catalog, a new pin, new treasure book and a dub-step puffle. Let’s get through it :D .

The new Easter Basket pin is at the Forrest.


To get the dub-step puffle accessory go to “unlock items online”, and type in HPHONES1.


The Scavenger Hunt

The first egg is at the Hidden Lake.


The second egg is at the Book Room.


The third one is at the Beach.


The fourth one is at the Mine.


The fifth one is at the Cove.


The sixth one is at the Gift Shop.


The seventh one is at the Ski Village.


The last one is at the Beacon.


You will then receive FREE Yellow bunny ears.


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