About Us

Hey, Sup? I am Lime Boy AKA Lime (Limeboy11) I like hanging out in Sleet. You might see Sportboy & I playing hide & go seek. My favorite places in Sleet are The Dock and Forest! Also I am a member!

Hi I am Sport Boy, I like hanging out at the Super Rink, Coffee Shop, Town, and most of all my igloo. I go on Mammoth & Sleet all the time. Well… Got to go and get more cheats!  Also I am a member just like Lime.

P.S tell your friends about our website 😀



42 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Great idea for a web site… looking forward to some good Club Penguin cheats!

  2. We will get some cheats on!!

  3. Great work guys…look forward to keeping an eye on this website. Others that use CP will find this very interesting!!

    This is limeboy I just saw this. thanks for the comment!

  4. limeboy11 Says:

    for the comment!!

  5. lime boy can i work for you ps.im a member

  6. fastreader Says:

    you guys rock
    love your cheats
    u guys r awsome
    can we meet sometime??

  7. Yes. How about on 1-4-2008 at 4:00PM on fjord in the snow forts.
    And I will call Sportboy to see if he can make it. I will be on limeboy11.
    Don’t be late! See you there!

    And thanks for the comment!

  8. lime boy how come i never see sportsboys comments?

  9. fastreader Says:

    sorry i was busy
    how about we meet at fjord in the snow forts on 1-13-08 at 12:00 PM club penguin time zone
    I’m really sorry
    plz forgive me

  10. noa this is sportboy it says iam limeboy but its sportboy on limeboys and mine cp we are both remembered as limeboy so we can both edit the site so were both limeboy. i thinck it sucks but its how wordpress set it up you only can have one person remember on one site

  11. Ps. Visit my site!!!

  12. hey limeboy wazz up i was wondering if u can go on my site and fix a couple things i cant figure out anything

  13. Sure!
    Just email me what you need fixed
    & What Is your website?

    Email me at

  14. shenzhaohan Says:

    hi, i think your site is soo cool you should be the first,

    I will look at your site soon. But I am out of town so I will look at it when I get home

  15. can you please put my site to your our links please

    i beg you

  16. Yes We Will Put You On

  17. This site is so cool!!!

  18. sportboy, To leave toontown, you go to your sticker book, Find the page with the light swich, click on “exit toontown,” that will get you to the screen where you chose your toon. Click on the button that says “exit toontown.” And you’re out! Hope this helps!

  19. Pingubigablo Says:

    Hi Limeboy,

    Im your first fan here! I like your S.O.S song video in Youtube.
    P.S make something like create a account or something like Club penguin.

  20. You have a cool site here!
    Check mine when you have the time please!

  21. themaster Says:

    Limeboy11 and Sportboy–eh? Well, your website is pretty cool…I am themaster, I look at mostly every site on the web and give it a 0-5. A 0 is the worst there can be. It is horrible, there isn’t 1 thing that’s interesting an no one likes going on it. 1 is pretty bad, too. 2 is bad, but it’s better than 0 & 1. 3 is okay, you’re website is good, but there isn’t anything SPECTACULAR. 4 is good! Your website provides great info, it’s fun, and I might add it to my favorites. 5 is GREAT it’s the best! 5 means your over and beyond web standards. It’s the best! 5 is a site that I go on everyday after school for some cool updates, and awesome videos and games. It’s something anyone would add to their favorites any day. Let me check your site, and i’ll get back to you later.

  22. hey limeboy how did my header change?????????

  23. what do you mean???!!!

  24. peach151 Says:

    great site! your header rocks! visit my site!!

  25. hi!
    Can u add me to your blog roll and guess wat since ur the only penguin who came to my party i will put A POST with a pic of ur peng and a link to your site.
    can i be on ur blog roll

  26. can i have your css please will add u to my blog roll if i get it it is realy cool!

  27. plz can i have ur css:!: 🙂

  28. chipdasportsman Says:

    Limeboy, I finally figured out the PPL code thing you sent me! And how do you get pictures on your sidebar? With much thanks, ~chipdasportsman~

  29. Hey, can you add me to your blogroll? I added you!

  30. hey! nice pic, but y dont u ever wear member stuff? r u a member?i am well bye!!!

  31. hey limeboy wassup? Can you plz add me to your blog roll. Hope you remeber me. The website http://kribo2.wordpress.com


  32. coolio

  33. T his is a cool post, me learned a lot!

  34. cool post

  35. Brendan Says:

    love the website
    i know sportboys real name but i wont tell anybody
    sportboy, i hope you know who this is

  36. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?Thanks

  37. Welcome, great site. I am also leading one’s and I know how hard it is. Your contents are great, although not always I agree with that waht your write, but in spite of that I will visit your site more often. I wish you the success and the perseverance in running the site, Monica

  38. Hello Agents Cp is almost in the new year and EPF Is in Problem.
    More Details Coming Soon

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  40. “About Us | Club Penguin Cheats, Tips & Glitches” ended
    up being certainly engaging and educational! Within todays world that is challenging to do.
    Thanks a lot, Tonya

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