Pics of hackers

hey here are some pictures of hackers:


21 Responses to “Pics of hackers”

  1. superslug171 Says:


  2. i saw these too penguins call them ” ninjas ”

  3. tHeY aRe HaCkErS

    P.S. where where those pic taken and with what?

  4. sydney511 Says:

    i can do that no lying without hacking its a cheat.

  5. Yea but no one can see you.
    I it the zoom into 700 one?

  6. to get up on the wall the used penguin fire and with the bots they used php files and all of that stuff

  7. Pikachu1243 Says:

    i know how to do it with ppl seeing you with Penguin Fire but it never works… and i know the 700 thing too

  8. They are not Ninjas,they are Hackers

    I Got a Post on my Blog about Real Ninjas on club penguin

  9. Gzez I cant buh LEAVE that they call em selvez ninjas. HACKERS HACKERS HACKERS!!! (Hey when you type hackers in capitals it looks like an animation from space invaders LOL. You know look try it HACKERS HACKERS HACKERS!!! See its fun!!!! :mrgreen:) They do not always use penguin storm. There are other programs out there. The only three I know are, Penguin storm as you have mentioned, wpe pro, and cp trainer version //bla’// As we know we shouldn’t hack as it is against the law and its driving people nuts AND WAAAAAAA. They wanna do it too. They find it fun. I’TS REALLY RUINING THE HARD DRIVE ON CP TEAMS COMPUTER(s)!!! Do not do it it is not the right thing to do. Club Penguin is supposed to be fun WITHOUT HACKING. If we just were to ask club penguin to do anything hackers do than hack accounts, it would be a lot better. That means there would be hardly any harm in it. It would just be doing something to the hard drive that probably wouldn’t hurt that much, and getting onto someones account, and all would be almost perfect!!! Plus I’m a ninja allready and I ruined someone else’s ‘ninjaship’ and I payed him back with a glitch that took a long time and he says OH THAT ISN’T ENOGH. ;/ anyway, just don’t hack. The reason I got onto his account is one his pass is on my computer, and second, I needed to do something! Anyways, that ends the comment. Bye




  11. guys i know the 700 thing but nobody sees you and it gets really lonely. it sucks

  12. awsome story dude thanks

  13. I saw them

  14. where is rockhopper

  15. i have a rare penguin

  16. igloo party on bobsled go to hotrod 368 on map

  17. What the FUCK?!?!
    Those look like ninjars
    Clank ratchet quark nefarious drek proto pet fizwigdet

  18. 😡 :mrgreen: 😉 😮 😆 I like doing that stuff 😳 lol colour of cheeks is PINK

  19. um when i logged on to cp today, someone was totally on my account cuz i remembered how many coins i had. plus whoever did it was a boy cuz he got the red football teams items and i’m a girl.

  20. :b

  21. um : l

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